The Luno Wreckage: A Closed Case That Keeps Cropping Up

The Luno, a cargo ship which ran aground on the beaches of Anglet in February 2014, will have people talking until the very end. After three months in the yard, its dismantlement was completed in June, and the opened judicial inquiry was finally closed and filed with no further action taken, as 'technical fault' was found to be the only cause for the disaster. On the same day, a piece from the wreckage emerged, forcing the township of Anglet to cordon off the concerned beaches for safety reasons. Fortunately, the ship had been empty at the time of the disaster. Considering that its last cargo had been fertiliser, which is extremely polluting, one might say that this was 'a stroke of luck'.

This summer the Surfrider Campus is coming to your beaches

During summer, campuses clear out and come to a halt before the hectic start of the autumn term. Not for Surfrider Foundation Europe. The Surfrider Campus Tour has settled on the Vendee (85) and Loire Atlantique beaches from the 14th until the 20th of July 2014. This educational caravan ‘s mission is to inform and educate the general public about Surfrider’s focus areas. And because it is summer, the focus is on aquatic waste and water quality, which every year become more worrying for tourists. Holidays, ocean, sun and Surfrider Foundation Europe offering a little intellectual agitator, what else can you dream of?

Australia Abolishes Its Carbon Tax – A Justified U-Turn?

As chance would have it, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott scrapped the carbon, or greenhouse gas (GHG), tax at a time when the country has just been experiencing its hottest year on record. Carbon pricing was introduced in Australia in 2012 by Julia Gillard, then Prime Minister, and it sanctioned the biggest polluters by demanding financial compensation payments for their GHG emissions. The elimination of this environmental measure, which had been a world premiere, comes at a moment when an extensive coal project is being reviewed in northeast Australia: ‘Alpha Coal’ is likely to have dire repercussions for the environment. It will emit millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and put at risk the Great Barrier Reef to the extent that UNESCO has threatened Australia to list the reef as a World Heritage in Danger site.