The People’s Climate March on the 21st of September

Surfrider Foundation Europe will join the People's Climate March on Sunday, the 21st of September, which is being held on the occasion of the UN Summit in New York two days later, where the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is uniting the world's political leaders to establish the road map for the 2015 climate negotiations in Paris. This global Climate March is first and foremost a mobilisation of the people, seeking to communicate to governments the importance of establishing an ambitious and more binding climate agenda to ultimately achieve the maintenance of healthy ecosystems.

The Luno Wreckage: A Closed Case That Keeps Cropping Up

The Luno, a cargo ship which ran aground on the beaches of Anglet in February 2014, will have people talking until the very end. After three months in the yard, its dismantlement was completed in June, and the opened judicial inquiry was finally closed and filed with no further action taken, as ‘technical fault’ was found to be the only cause for the disaster. On the same day, a piece from the wreckage emerged, forcing the township of Anglet to cordon off the concerned beaches for safety reasons. Fortunately, the ship had been empty at the time of the disaster. Considering that its last cargo had been fertiliser, which is extremely polluting, one might say that this was ‘a stroke of luck’.

Beach Day 2014, rediscover your beach, your heritage!

Each year, the third weekend of September is the can’t – miss cultural event of the new school year; the Heritage days. It’s the event which allows you to discover the national heritage which is usually closed to the public, who, during this time, are able to take in the beauty of these places filled with history. For the third consecutive year, Surfrider Foundation Europe offers Beach Day on the same weekend, because the marine environment is also heritage, and because this heritage, as well as being a treat for the eyes, also honors the four other human senses.


Is change happening now? What if it was true? In the last few months, the issue of marine waste, and more particularly of plastic bags, has repeatedly been at the heart of debates and of French and European ambitions. t’s most certainly in France where the biggest step has been taken in this respect. Indeed, the country has voted an amendment banning single-use plastic bags from the 1st of January 2016.