Surfrider Is Launching a New Water Quality Monitoring Programme in Reunion Island

Following on from our bathing water quality monitoring programmes in the Mediterranean Sea, the Aquitaine Region, and Brittany, Surfrider Foundation Europe has decided to open a new laboratory in Reunion Island. Interview with Marc Valmassoni, who is in charge of Water Quality at SFE, and Yann Herruel, who looks after the monitoring network in Reunion Island. Why set up a new laboratory in Reunion Island? What kind of water quality issues are there? There were a lot of expectations from the Surfrider Reunion Island Chapter and from our supporters. This project had been in the pipeline for several years when I decided to take it on about a year ago. Water quality has always been an issue in Reunion Island, and local communities have made numerous attempts to tackle it. For example, a few years ago, untreated wastewater was simply discharged into the natural environment. Local communities and water companies had to invest [...]


What do seabed look like? A team of European researchers has found evidence of waste in the seafloor, thousands of meters below the ocean surface. The study, conducted by the University of the Azores, gathered 23 researchers from 16 European research institutions, and analyzed nearly 600 samples from the ocean floor, ranging from 35 to 4500 meters in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Mediterranean. Francois Galgani, a researcher at Ifremer and co-author of this study, kindly agreed to respond to our questions.