International conference to take place in Monaco: mobilising against plastic in the Mediterranean Sea

On March 11th and 12th 2015, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Foundation Albert 2nd of Monaco, Tara Expeditions and Mava Foundation will be holding an international conference on marine litter in Monaco. Although the meeting’s primary focus will be on the Mediterranean Sea, the scope of debates will extend to more general concerns since the unparalleled mass pollution it is faced with makes it the epitome of most threats posed to saltwater worldwide. With speakers from all around the Mediterranean Basin, from Marocco to France and Lebanon, the conference seeks to bring together all stakeholders of the plastic cycle; hopefully this will allow solutions to marine litter issues to be brought about and any obstacles to the enactment and implementation of necessary measures to be overcome. The public is also welcome to take part in both the conference and the activities which will revolve around it.

Repsol Abandons Oil Exploration off the Canary Islands

Last week, the Spanish government and the oil company Repsol announced the cancellation of their plans to prospect for oil in the Canary Islands. Following a first round of explorations with the drilling of the Sandia well, it was declared that neither the quantity nor the quality of the hydrocarbons found were sufficient to ensure profitable operations. As a result, Repsol confirmed last Friday that the firm will not apply for new licences, or indeed use the authorisations already obtained to pursue new oil explorations in the area.

Exploratory Oil Drilling Begins in the Canary Islands: The Battle Continues!

Christmas does not always bring good surprises. The Keepers of the Coast campaign ‘No Oil in Canary Islands’ is far from over. Despite the strong opposition from regional government, residents and environmentalists, prospect oil drilling began in the Canaries at the end of November. And yet, there are significant arguments against this project, which led the Canary Islands’ government to lodge an appeal with the Spanish Supreme Court. The appeal was dismissed by the judges, arguing that the risks incurred were purely hypothetical; but is this not the trademark of what one commonly calls a ‘risk’? This wager on probabilities by those who claim to uphold reason strangely evokes a quote by Oscar Wilde: “People who talk sense are like people who break stones in the road: they cover one with dust and splinters.”