Should cigarettes be banned from our beaches ?

Spring 2015 has not been the best for smokers so far, whether it be in the North or in the South of France! While the city of Paris decreed at the end of March that double fines will now punish the dumping of cigarette butts (as well as any other kind of trash) on the street, the city council of Biarritz made it public on the 20th of April that “Tobacco free areas” would be created in town; this decision was confirmed on the 24th. The term “Tobacco free area” refers to a label newly crafted by French Cancer League, which has not been much implemented yet: with Biarritz’s initiative, it will be premiering on the Bask coast. Among the designated zones is Port-Vieux beach, which is close to the town centre and attracts many families. Apart from the problem of tobacco as a public health issue, this measure raises the question of litter on our beaches. As a matter of fact, cigarette butts are just as harmful to the environment as they are commonly found in it. What are the best ways of fighting this battle?

2015 Ocean Initiatives kicking off: first pictures and videos!

The 2015 Ocean Initiatives are on ! Once again, from the 20th to the 22nd of March this year, thousands of volunteers attended the inaugural week-end of Surfrider Foundation Europe’s flagship litter collection campaign, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Many litter collections and animations were scheduled by Surfrider with its partners and volunteers throughout Europe. In the wake of this first week-end, many of you have been releasing photographs as well: what better way to thank you for your commitment than a snapshot of the first images from this new campaign?

Monaco conference organizers draw first conclusions

Following the International conference on plastic litter in the Mediterranean Sea held last week in Monaco, the organizers, including Surfrider foundation Europe, are now in the process of assessing its results.What were the main facts brought to light by the various speakers, what possible ways of uniting plastic stakeholders against pollution are being contemplated? After gathering a great number of Tweets to summarize the debates via Storify immediately after the event, Surfrider, foundation Prince Albert 2nd of Monaco, Tara expeditions and the Mava foundation are now introducing more accurate resources for your to read and watch, with view to allowing for further reflexion on what benefits are to be expected from the conference and what efforts remain to be done in relieving the Mediterranean basin from the plastic menace!

A Twitter digest of the Monaco Conference

On the 11th and 11th of March, Surfrider foundation Europe, Foundation Albert 2nd of Monaco, Tara expeditions and the Mava foundation held an international conference on plastic in the Mediterranean Sea at the Monaco Yacht Club. While it was streamed live on its dedicated website, Beyond Plastic Med, the conference received live Twitter coverage as well thanks to hashtag #BeyondPlastic, which also allowed the public to interact with speakers. Surfrider gathered the most important tweets in a Storify compilation, making it possible to go through the gist of the debates and make a first assessment of the conference’s results.