The Hissez Eau caravan sets sail in Brittany!

After the Seine-Normandy caravan, our Breton office is now geting action with another educational caravan! From the 2nd to the 28th of June the Hissez Eau caravan will be anchoring in seven major ports that characterise Brittany’s natural and cultural heritage in partnership with some of its most magnificent sailing boats. With these partner vessels and their crew, but also organisations and artists from the region, Surfrider will be holding Ocean Initiatives, awareness-raising workshops, conferences and art exhibitions. Do not hesitate to come and see the events to learn more about the sea and how to protect it. After all, it is the wealth and beauty of the Breton coastline!

#someonesmissing? Act now if you want to surf tomorrow!

Disappearing waves, beach closings, health risks, limited access to surf breaks, meteorologic extremes… as water sports lovers, we are often confronted with the threats looming over the natural environment which is essential for our favorite sports. A few months away from the COP21 (the United Nations conference on climate change) which will be held in Paris in December, and while the environmental emergency is having a hard time obtaining the media coverage it needs, Surfrider Foundation Europe wishes to remind politicians and the public of what causes conditions to degrade. Therefore, the association wishes to mobilize all watermen around one petition so as to give them a common voice – let’s protect the oceans! Spots and users are in danger! What threats are actually weighing on our practice?

The Seine-Normandy Caravan: fighting litter down the water

From this 24th of April onwards, Surfrider’s Seine-Normandy educational caravan will begin an awareness raising journey in France, which will include six major stops between Châtillon Sur-Seine and Rouen. The trip will end on the 31st of May, after passing through Paris where the team will organize a conference as well as various activities at la Villette. During this adventure the main focus will be marine litter, an important source of pollution that Surfrider is fighting to eradicate. The caravan will combine Ocean Initiatives, public sensitization and educational activities, which will be supported by various partners. The aim is to make sure all local residents understand that the marine litter issue affects everybody and not just those living in coastal areas.

There is no time! Calling for an international agreement on climate change and large-scale mobilization in our society

With regard to the 2015 climate conference and on the occasion of two newly published CESE (French Council for Economy, Society and the Environment) reports, namely “Making the 2015 climate conference a success” and “20 years of fighting against climate change in France: results and prospects”, organizations *CFDT- FNH- FNE – LPO – RAC F – SURFRIDER –H&B- UNSA* wish to make a common statement on the necessity to act in the state of emergency we are in.

The ocean, largest lung of the Earth: learn more about the ocean thanks to the Ocean and Climate platform!

The Ocean and Climate 2015 platform was founded in 2014 by a number of actors from the civil society, including Surfrider Foundation Europe, all of which are concerned with putting the ocean in the center of negotiations and international measures on climate. With COP 21 approaching (the United Nations conference on climate change to be held in Paris in December, which will define the next international commitments), the platform is more than ever set on making its slogan heard: “an ocean in good health is a protected climate!” The first achievement of this group is a range of information and awareness-raising tools that will allow you not only to follow them, but also to learn more about the oceans, their role in the climate and the threats which are looming above them