“Surfrider Foundation – Côte Basque” together with “Ohlala Eaux Vives” to clean up the banks of the River Gave de Pau

Last months, we have been exposed to a lot of floods.  These floods came along with a lot of consequences, a disaster for the economy but also for humanity and the environment.  This should make us think about our responsibility towards the planet and the environment.  If we don’t remind it by ourselves, nature bring us back to reality in a cruel manner.  The case of the garbage dump of Beaucens is the perfect example. Facts Active from 1973 to 1985, the garbage dump of Beaucens counted more than 50 000 tons of buried garbage. Its main characteristic and obviously the most impressive one is its position. It’s partly situated into the major bed of the River Gave de Pau, which corresponds to an area where the river can rise and/or create a new river arm.  It’s not the same in the minor bed, where water [...]

Tara Expeditions in the Mediterranean : on course for Marseille

Since May 2014 , the schooner Tara has travelled around the Mediterranean making stops in several European cities on it’s latest mission “clean up the med”. Given the links between Tara’s values and project and our own, it was a logical step that Surfrider Foundation Europe would get involved in this amazing adventure, organising activities based around the problems of marine waste and water quality, at Tara’s various stops. From 20th – 29th September, Tara will be casting anchor in Marseille, giving our Mediterranean office the perfect opportunity to get involved with Tara’s expedition in the coastal city.

Non Toxic Revolution : in October, there will be a pink revolution at the Biarritz Surfrider Campus

It’s soon October, and with October comes a pink revolution at Surfrider Foundation Europe. For this occasion, the Non Toxic Revolution exhibition, that bears the same name as the campaign, will take place at the Surfrider Campus in Biarritz and will be organised in collaboration with Keep A Breast association and with the support of Obey Clothing. Save the date; on the 3rd of October there will be a varnishing and debate, around health and environmental issues, at the Surfrider Campus in Biarritz.

The People’s Climate March on the 21st of September

Surfrider Foundation Europe will join the People’s Climate March on Sunday, the 21st of September, which is being held on the occasion of the UN Summit in New York two days later, where the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is uniting the world’s political leaders to establish the road map for the 2015 climate negotiations in Paris. This global Climate March is first and foremost a mobilisation of the people, seeking to communicate to governments the importance of establishing an ambitious and more binding climate agenda to ultimately achieve the maintenance of healthy ecosystems.