Plastic bags: Surfrider regrets a modest victory

Brussels, December 17th, Today, Member states endorsed at the Environment Council meeting the political agreement reached on last 17 November with the European Commission and the European Parliament to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic bags in the European Union. With this agreement, all Member States of the European Union will have to reduce their consumption of lightweight plastic bags, meaning plastic bags with a thickness under 50 microns. To do so, they will have either to reduce their annual consumption of plastic bags to respectively 90 and 40 lightweight plastic carrier bags per person by 2019 and 2025 or to introduce a mandatory pricing on plastic bags by the end of 2018. In addition, the text asks for better labelling of plastic bags while requiring Member States to report annually their consumption on plastic bags and both the Commission and Member states to encourage information and awareness campaigns on the impacts of plastic bags in [...]