Place to B: “HQ of the Media Which Will Change the World”

With only a few months to go before the COP21, which is expected to be one of the most important climate summits of the past years, it is more important than ever that we take action, seek out solutions, and get mobilised to pressure governments into taking concrete measures in December. But how can we inform and mobilise the public on these issues, which are often rather complex and can seem remote from our daily concerns? Place to B, a movement launched by the journalist Anne-Sophie Novel in 2014, has set itself the task to shed light on this very question. Place to B: Inform and Unite It all began with a survey into

The EU commits to monitor CO2 emissions linked with maritime transport

On Tuesday the 28th of April, the European parliament enacted new dispositions which could constitute a fundamental step in the struggle against greenhouse gas emissions from the numerous ships which circulate in EU waters. It is not yet a reduction measure, rather a preliminary act which the commission thinks necessary : in the next several years, an MRV protocol (monitoring, reporting and verification) will be set up, allowing the EU to control certain ships’ greenhouse gas emissions when they circulate between, to, and from certain European ports. While numerous countries of the Union, including France, have been showing a lack of diligence in transposing EU maritime pollution regulations into national law over the last few years, this measure is obviously more than welcome. However, its application date is still far away and it is still only a precedent to future reduction measures.

The Hissez Eau caravan sets sail in Brittany!

After the Seine-Normandy caravan, our Breton office is now geting action with another educational caravan! From the 2nd to the 28th of June the Hissez Eau caravan will be anchoring in seven major ports that characterise Brittany’s natural and cultural heritage in partnership with some of its most magnificent sailing boats. With these partner vessels and their crew, but also organisations and artists from the region, Surfrider will be holding Ocean Initiatives, awareness-raising workshops, conferences and art exhibitions. Do not hesitate to come and see the events to learn more about the sea and how to protect it. After all, it is the wealth and beauty of the Breton coastline!