Oil Spill in Bangladesh: Surfrider Calls for Ecological Damage to Be Taken into Account

Oil spill in Bangladesh; accident in the Brest harbour; the anniversary of the sinking of the Erika - the end of this year is laden with a host of current affairs which propel maritime transport and its impacts on the marine environment back into sharp focus. Massive hydrocarbon pollution remains a very real risk with potentially disastrous consequences for marine ecosystems and coastal species. Surfrider is once again appealing to national and European legislators to adopt stricter measures as a matter of urgency.

OSPAR rubbish collection, a step forward in environmental protection

Surfrider Finistère Chapter is a good example of volunteers working hard to protect the marine environment. Since 2010, members of the Finistère antenna, in cooperation with Surfrider’s Britany Office, are toiling to collect waste on Porsmilin beach at Plouzané. Surfrider has set up a protocol with the Iroise Marine Natural Park that aims at developing a scientific database on marine litter. The OSPAR litter collections, organised at a European level, will provide reliable data, which is essential to ensure a good protection of the environment. Indeed, by better understanding pollution we can find better ways of fighting it and reducing its negative consequences.